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Sewing unit for attaching of precreased jeans pockets

  • Brand:Dürkopp Adler
  • Product Name:Sewing unit for attaching of precreased jeans pockets
  • Product Code:906 CLASSIC



•  Quick and easy change of pocket shapes
•  Low-priced pocket style sets, short amortization time
•  Easy operation, short training times
•  Approved, robust M-TYPE sewing technology with large hook
•  Quick seam change by means of DACAD software, simply transferable by USB stick
•  Constant level of maximum seam quality
•  Sewing thread size up to Nm 20 max.
•  Max. sewing field size 220 x 210 mm
•  Max. sewing speed up to 3,000 stitches/min.

Typical field of application
Automatic attaching of pockets in jeans, workwear and sportswear

Performance features
approx. 1,800 pockets (with double seam and bartack) / 480’


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